Hi! My name is Trisha Kietikul. I'm a designer with a love for strategy and a background in biotechnology.

I believe that design is uniquely equipped work with any industry to tell compelling stories, help empower and educate people, and improve almost any process. I don't believe design is just a fancy coat of paint to help people sell things better. It can be—but beautiful, lasting, compelling experiences are rarely just built on appearances.

I'm a systems thinker and problem solver. I look at the big picture and plan for the future, and I love exploring all forms of a solution—print, web, experience, installation, anything is up for grabs. I like working collaboratively, and I have a soft-spot for mentoring and growing other designers. Purpose-driven projects are where my heart is, especially ones that have to do with environmental sustainability or mental health.

Previously, I've worked with clients like Google, Apple, The Gates Foundation, Nike, Kaiser-Permanente, The Emerson Collective, and the Oakland Zoo. If you're looking for a thought partner as much as you are for a designer, a teammate, a willing student and teacher, then let's talk!

Thanks for stopping by!